Telemedicine Physical therapy offered at Bodies in Balance PT

Bodies in Balance Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing care when you are unable to come into the clinic.

What is Telehealth PT & How can it help me?

There are many reasons why our patients may not be able to attend their therapy sessions in person. If you don’t have means for travel, if you aren’t comfortable with in-person appointments, or if you just can’t get out of the house or office, we are able to offer you a Telehealth, virtual session through our user friendly, secure online platform.

This allows us to offer skilled care to our patients, with effective assessment of symptoms, movement analysis, and meaningful interactions. We are able to guide each session, make adjustments to treatment plans, and adapt interventions based on your symptoms and any fluctuations or changes you may be experiencing.

Telehealth is an excellent choice for your care, whether it is your primary means for treatment or if it is an option that will allow you to see your physical therapist on a more regular basis.

Our clinicians and staff would love to work with you! Please feel free to reach out to us if you have questions about the Telehealth process. We would be happy to set up an appointment for you!

How to make the most of your visit:
  • Have your therapy questions listed out prior to your appointment
  • Have your computer/ phone/ tablet screen set up in an area where you can move easily and in ideally in a quiet environment
  • If you will be needing help from a family remember, please be sure to have them available during the time of your appointment
  • Practice with your Face time or Skype in advance
  • Please wear appropriate clothing and shoes so that the therapist may easily be able to see the body part in question (i.e; shoulder neck patients for female please have a camisole, skinny strapped top so that the neck and shoulders are visible; knee patients who'll wear shorts

What to expect the day of your visit:

  • You will have received text message reminder of your appointment the day prior to your appointment
  • Be ready for you visit 3 minutes prior to assure that you get your login/ video call.
  • You will be seen virtually by your Bodies in Balance Physical Therapist. The therapist will be assess your through subjective questions and also movement assessment via video… be prepared to move during the session. The therapist will have access to your electronic medical record chart your visit as we would a typical outpatient PT visit. The therapist can send you educational material regarding your condition, video links and also establish and update a personalized home exercise program during your visit.

To request an appointment please call or text:

(910) 398-6301 for Wilmington Oleander Dr. clinic

(910) 821-3377 for the Hampstead clinic

(910) 444-1548 for the Leland clinic