Osteoporosis Rehabilitation

Learn how to make your bones

Walk Tall!

You can make a difference
by learning how
to exercise correctly.

Appropriate exercise helps build bone density. Our physical therapists can devise a comprehensive treatment program for you that includes:

  • Weight bearing exercises
  • Stretching/ flexibility training: The goal is to improve posture!
    • Open up chest muscles/ tissues
    • Lengthen rib cage
    • Stretch muscles at base of skull
    • Decrease forward head posture
  • Strengthening exercises, including trunk extension strengthening:
    • It is KEY to strengthen the muscles that support the back of your spine!
    • Studies support this trunk extension exercises to decrease fall risk
  • Balance training
  • Exercises to improve breathing mechanics

Bone Health

Contact Bodies in Balance Physical Therapy for an individualized instruction on how to best benefit from exercise if you have osteoporosis.

Once you learn your exercise program, remember you must keep up the exercise! Some studies have shown that bone mass will decrease when exercise training stops. Therefore, for an exercise program to help maintain healthy bones it needs to be continued.

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