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"I just can’t say enough good things about the pt I have received for my vertigo. They always find a place to fit me in when I have a flare up and they really do call you when you’re on the waiting list. It seems that each time I go, they have new info for me to help. They truly want you to get better and are willing to do whatever it takes to help you. I always see whoever is available when I call - because they’re all so good at what they do"
Sep 21, 2022
"Julianne is a wonderful caring, professional and knowledgeable therapist. I am so thankful and happy with my treaty for vertigo. I recommend the Leland location and especially Julianne. "
Sep 15, 2022
"This has always been a top notch facility with well trained and caring therapists. I recently worked with Cassidy for my pulled hamstring and was happy to know the tradition continues. She was extremely helpful to me and I look forward to getting back to playing tennis. "
Aug 31, 2022
"Just finished my post knee replacement physical theory with Cassidy. Was very pleased with her professionalism and friendliness. She always knew exactly what to do and as a result my knee is almost back to its original condition.. BNB is lucky to have Cassidy as a port of their team. "
Aug 29, 2022
"Michelle Zumbro is the consummate professional. Her PT skills are unmatched, and she is a compassionate and caring person. She is the best of the best, and there are many extremely talented PTs at Bodies in Balance. I always leave a PT session feeling better. I highly recommend this PT practice."
Aug 23, 2022
"The staff of Bodies & Balance is very professional, knowledgeable, and data-driven- for providing measurable feedback which is essential for improvement. They are also well-organized and patient-focused. I am happy with the help they have provided."
Aug 23, 2022
" Beautiful facility , top notch staff and the three therapist I work with are amazing, professional , caring, knowledgable. I work with Brittanie , Kristie and Amy the massage therapist. They have and are helping me to improve my quality of life and reach my goals. Bodies In Balance has been in my life on and off for a decade and I won't go any where else for these services."
Aug 16, 2022
"The one on one instructions and the professionalism of the therapists was outstanding!"
Aug 08, 2022
"Dr Spencer is very attuned to my progress. He gives me exercises that have helped me be stronger & feel way better. I'm very enthused about feeling better!"
Jun 14, 2022
"I had disc problem in lower back that caused drop foot and balance issues. Christy worked very hard trying to resolve the problem. She has me doing a daily regimen of exercises. My balance has improved but the drop foot has proven to be stubborn. Christy has given me the information and tools to cope with the drop foot and prevent other back problems. The facility and equipment are awesome and the entire staff has been outstanding. "
May 20, 2022
" I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease 28 years ago and as predicted 14 years ago i started to freeze at times when walking. It reached a point I where could not stand more than a few minutes. In April 2019 I fell and my quadricep separated from my left knee cap. I have been confined to a wheel chair ever since. Since that time I have had 4 sessions of P.T. with little results. I guess #5 is the winner as I have made great strides in PT at Bodies in Balance at Leland, With 'Mary Julianne Runey' as my provider I can now stand up and walk with a walker. I could hardly stand at start of the session. Mary is a great motivator and has a keen sense of the problems that Parkinson's can cause and how it interferes with therapy during the on and off cycle Mary and all the other employees at the Leland are friendly and easy to talk to. John Babyak "
May 09, 2022
"Amy is a new amazing asset to this company. It was my first time in this location and everyone was very kind and attentive to the customers. It had a very warm feeling and I would recommend this location and Amy who is a great massage therapist! Thank you"
Mar 28, 2022
"I have been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease (PD). Based on recommendations from both my family doctor and neurologist I chose to receive physical therapy from Bodies in Balance. It was a wise choice since they have Therapists who are trained in understanding and treating PD. This past July BnB opened their newest facility in Leland, NC. This made for an easier commute for me. My physical therapy for PD continued without hesitation since the therapist in charge was Julianne Runey, who had been treating me at Oleander. She continued to an exceptional job in dealing with the many PD conditions I was experiencing, such as gait, balance, stability and the like. What is important to stress is that Julianne is very knowledgeable about PD. In fact her doctorial project at UNC concentrated on the of boxing in treating PD. She makes sure everyone of my PT sessions ends with boxing drills. I have found these drills to be very beneficial. Given her knowledge of PD I feel very comfortable getting advice on why certain things are happening with my body. Julianne has been a godsend in helping me deal with my PD. She really cares about my well-being, physically, mentally and emotionally. Shed plans each of our PT sessions with specific processes and objectives. She has made my PD journey much more palatable and I know she will always be there for me. "
Jan 26, 2022
"You are all great! I was diagnosed with BPPV and I was so sick. With the use of specialized equipment and the skill of the therapists, they were able to basically cure my BPPV by decreasing my symptoms of dizziness so that I could return to my normal activities. This definitely improved my quality of life. I was so happy to learn that I didn't have to experience dizziness all the time. Bodies In Balance continues to care for my vertigo needs when they arise, which is not very often. I now live in Georgia and drive five hours and stay with family to receive therapy when needed. I am happy to write this review because maybe someone else like me will see it and know that they can receive help too! Thank you Bodies In Balance!"
Jan 16, 2022
"Beth is extremely good at working shoulder joints and under the muscle connections. I went to a couple of PTs before Beth and her expertise is exceptional. I will recommend her and Bodies and Balance to others. Beth is also personable, a good listener, and a true "people person.""
Jan 08, 2022
"I cannot thank Beth C. and Krista M. Enough! I was just on Holiday for a couple of days visiting friends and these two people helped me right out of my pain. I went from pain, to just being sore to feeling back to my normal self again!!! Thank you so much!"
Jan 02, 2022
""Jeremy explained in a way I could totally follow the reason for my lower back pain. He sent me an email with easy tutorials to follow. I have already started his advice. I was amazed at the fact that my pain level decreased from an 8 (when I arrived) to a 6 (when I left appointment). I knew I came to the right place. Thanks Jeremy.""
Oct 05, 2021
"I’ve had several orthopedic surgeries and some other chronic painful conditions for which I’ve needed physical therapy over the years. I have been to several PT practices in both VA and NC and I can say that “Bodies in Balance” is without a doubt the best PT place I have ever been to! The physical therapists at “Bodies in Balance” work individually with patients and provide them with undivided attention and customised care. I have worked over the past two years mostly with Michelle Zumbro who is the most amazing, skilful and dedicated physical therapist I have ever had the pleasure to work with! I have been very impressed with her enthusiasm, compassion, knowledge, creativity and commitment to her patients. She builds an individualised plan of care for each patient and artfully adjusts it along the way based on the patient’s needs and progress. Her energy is contagious; she is tireless and motivating and I feel that I have made a really good progress due to her unmatched professionalism, constant encouragement and complete devotion to my care. I consider myself truly privileged and blessed that have been her patient and I am very thankful for that opportunity. Thank you so much, Michelle! Keep being the best! "
Sep 28, 2021
"I would definitely recommend Bodies in Balance! The staff is very friendly and helpful. My therapists, Christi and Jeremy, were miracle workers!!! They immediately created an exercise program that decreased my pain and gave me exercises to do at home. I am now out of pain and back to my daily activities. I really appreciate their help. "
Sep 16, 2021
"I have been to Bodies in Balance several times. The most important aspect of their care is that the therapist stays with you for the entire visit. They don't leave you after a few minutes and turn the remainder of the visit to an intern who is watching several patients. They know my condition and tailor my treatment for me. I am totally comfortable in their care."
Sep 14, 2021
"Excellent Therapist! Spencer works very hard to ensure clients receive the appropriate level of therapy that is adequate, challenging and encouraging. He provides a therapy program for the whole individual based on their needs and abilities not just a basic 'Do these exercises ' therapist. I look forward to having Spencer teaching me to safely improve myself. The facility is always clean and everyone is always pleasant. I am kept well informed of my appointments and should I find it necessary to have to cancel/change my appointment the staff is accommodating and works hard to place me back on schedule. Bodies in Balance is definitely for everyone!""
Sep 07, 2021
"This place is awesome !! Kind , cautious , professional , friendly . From the Time I walked in the door they greet you with I think there’s a smile behind that mask lol , no I k ow there is and Julianne is awesome to work with I would recommend this place to anyone who needs therapy of any kind !! "
Sep 02, 2021
"In December 2019 I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. As expected I was devastated with the news knowing what I thought I knew about PD. What do I do now, where do I go? I knew I needed to get into an exercise program that might have a PD speciality. (My issue is mainly in my lower body, i.e., balance, agility, gait.) I turned to my GP and Neurologist for advice. They both agreed with my needs assessment and both recommended Bodies in Balance in Wilmington, NC. Probably the best advice I have ever received about my PD. BB had a PD program and I was assigned two therapists for my journey. Spencer Hunter and Julianne Runey, both PWR (Parkinson's Wellness Recovery) certified, began working with me on a wellness program that involved exercises for agility, balance, and strength. These included many walking techniques and practices. It also included rock steady boxing which I really enjoyed since it touched upon all of my issues. I cannot express enough my appreciation for their care, dedication, and knowledge about what i was going through. With their knowledge of PD they were able to answer PD questions and provided extensive support in dealing with my emotional needs. Even though my face to face process has ended I have signed up for BB's PWR streaming program to continue with my PD wellness exercises. I am looking forward to these and will, if needed, return to the clinic for more face to face exercising. So thank you Spencer and Julianne, and a big thanks to my sparing partners PT Techs Eliana Fargos and Dylan Thomas. I must also mention that the entire staff at BB is extremely competent and quite friendly. This has been one of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences with which I have been involved and I no longer feel that PD alone will define my future. I now have friends in all the right places. (I also did therapy at the Leland location)"
Aug 12, 2021
"My husband and I would both rate Bodies in Balance in Wilmington, NC with the highest marks. The staff and therapists are exceptional . The staff is both welcoming and professional. The therapists are dedicated to their client in attempting to bring about positive change. There is the feeling that you are in confident hands with them. We highly recommend the Wilmington, NC Bodies in Balance."
Jul 22, 2021
"I want to give Jeremy a special thank you for the work you did with me on improving my balance. I always felt that I had your attention and that you are not only knowledgable in your profession but have great communication skills that made it understandable for me. Now that I am starting with the Leland office I will miss working with you. Thnaks for all you give... "
Jul 16, 2021
"Rachel helped my problems 100% while working with her. She quickly learned what was important to me and what I needed to accomplish and it was achieved. She will be my “go too” if I have more problems. Thank you, Rachel! I do recommend Bodies & Balance/ Optimis "
Jun 21, 2021
" The Personnel are always upbeat, patient and helpful. The facility is clean and laid out well to accommodate various tools for therapy needs. I have the utmost confidence in Jeremy, the Physical Therapist assigned to me. He is passionate about helping his clients improve their overall well being. I highly recommend Bodies in Balance""
Jun 21, 2021
"Spencer was awesome during this initial visit and Needs evaluation. He is a great listener, very professional, very informative, very patient, and with a good sense of humor. Dillon and Colby were also very helpful."
May 09, 2021
"I'm so glad that I found Beth at Bodies in Balance. I hurt my shoulder badly right when the pandemic was beginning and eventually the pain was so debilitating that I knew I needed professional help. A friend referred me to Beth and she was amazing. I gained range of motion and strength quickly, and I still do many of the exercises that she taught me. I'm so happy to be playing tennis again. 🙂 I know I'll always go back to Beth if this injury or any other flares up. Thanks to everyone there for helping me."
Mar 31, 2021
" I love Bodies in Balance physical therapy. It has helped me with my dizziness and balance more than any other physical therapy I have had. My therapist has done wonders for me. I highly recommend this therapy. "
Mar 22, 2021
"Hello, I am a US ARMY veteran that has issues with vertigo. I was referred to bodies in balance by the VA ,While didn't understand a lot about the company. The day that I got started I was very impressed by the DPT JULIANNE RUNEY, She was very professional and engage in her work. I am very pleased with the progress that I have made with her assistance . It has been a GOD send, to anyone having issues with their balance this is a 5star outfit an you will be very please with the expertise they bring to the field. I am totally pleased. "
Mar 03, 2021
"I am new to the area, so I was referred to bodies and balance, I'm glad I was. From the initial meeting with Spenser, I felt comfortable, he listened to everything about the pain I was feeling in my hip for a very long time. He checked my range of motion, evaluated my situation. He said he can work with me. I left there feeling like I finally had a place that could help me live a pain free life. The staff was awesome as well, down to making my appointments immediately. "
Feb 25, 2021
"Fantastic recovery from total knee replacement. I'm walking miles now, thanks to therapists Ben and Tina! My surgeon was impressed with the total range of motion you restored. Thank you again so much for your hard work and dedication to my rehabilitation."
Feb 16, 2021
"I saw Robyn H. for some balance issues -she recommended some simple walking maneuvers and also walking with poles. I bought 2 poles and started walking in my neighborhood-I even made it 1.25 miles once. I walk every other day and do the walking exercises inside. I am so glad to be walking outside again. Robyn listened to my needs and made a plan that works for me! Thanks Robyn."
Jan 26, 2021
"I have been referred for PT 3 times in the last 5 years for balance, then torn rotator cuff, (choice between surgery or PT), and now my neck. The 1st time, I was referred initially to another PT location and had a really negative experience. Was so depressed by it I gave up, even though I really needed it! They treated me as though they couldn't care less and were going through the motions. I cried all the way home, feeling it was hopeless. Thankfully a friend recommended Bodies in Balance and urged me to try again. So I did! They truly care about their patients and customize your treatment to your needs, making adjustments as needed. I have told 3 friends, (so far!), who were being referred for PT to INSIST on Bodies in Balance, and they have agreed that B in B exceeded their expectations and truly made a difference."
Jan 19, 2021
"Bodies in Balance changed my life. Recovery from Hurricane Florence had messed up my neck (bulging disc), back, shoulders, arms – everything hurt and my activities were so limited. Beth Connell (and Christy, too!) have done so much to bring me back from hardy being able to drive or put on a jacket to now being able to put up Christmas lights, set up the tree, decorate the house has been a heck of a journey. I can't thank BinB enough for getting me to my goal of decorating for the holidays. It's meant so much to me. I'm now walking the dog for as long as an hour: another huge milestone. My stamina is starting to return. Beth and Christy listen, think, and devise solutions that really help me on my path to wellness. The facility 9is spotless, airy, open; the machines are great, the staff is as nice and friendly as can be, parking is easy: you park only steps from the door.. And all Covid protocols are observed, of course. I wouldn't be sitting in front of my decorated tree if it weren't for them. Thank you all so much and Happy New Year. "
Dec 30, 2020
"I recently had Right Knee Replacement and have been going to Bodies in Balance. Best choice I could have made. The staff is fabulous and very professional. Michelle has helped me so much and I will return in the future if I have a left knee replacement. They are also very covid conscious!"
Nov 20, 2020
"When I needed shoulder surgery earlier this year, I didn't know any physical therapists in Wilmington. After asking a couple of people, I was directed to this city's "mega" orthopedic group's physical therapy practice. Although I liked my therapist there, I only had one-on-one time with the therapist for 1/3 of each of my appointments (and spent the rest of my time with a tech or with doing exercises on my own). My progress was slow and frustrating at that point. Fortunately, I received another recommendation from a friend for Bodies in Balance. Switching my therapy to BIB was the best move I ever made, and I only regret not having started with them in the first place. My therapist, Michelle, was so knowledgeable and instructive (and encouraging) and she made it easy to understand and perform the exercises that helped to speed my shoulder recovery and get me moving again. Our appointments were always one-on-one and uninterrupted, and that made all the difference in the world in how quickly I was able to progress. I highly recommend Michelle and Bodies in Balance. "
Nov 10, 2020
"A friend of mine recommended Bodies in Balance after his knee surgery for my therapy involving a reverse shoulder replacement. I could not have made a better choice! On my first visit after surgery, Julianne assessed my needs and set out to get my range of motion back. She coordinated with my surgical group, and I now enjoy a full range of motion. Everyone in that office is courteous, professional and puts the needs/concerns of the patient in the forefront of therapy. THANK YOU Julianne for the use of my arm/shoulder again."
Oct 14, 2020
"I have been a patient at BinB since that time I have worked with many office staff, interns, physical and vestibular therapists and others. EVERYONE is professional, caring and truly invested in my physical and mental/emotional well being. I would recommend this practice to anyone with physical/vestibular/muscle issues."
Sep 10, 2020
"I'm glad I chose Bodies In Balance when my doctor recommended physical therapy for my arthritic mobility and movement problems. From my first visit to my last I felt welcome and comfortable. I had knowledgeable, patient, and perceptive therapists. The therapist I worked with the most developed a plan of care that worked well for me. Before I finished my sessions, she made sure I understood how to do my home exercises, so I could continue my progress. As someone who lives in Hampstead, I feel fortunate that we have Bodies In Balance with its friendly, accommodating staff in our community."
Sep 05, 2020
"I can’t say enough great things about this office. The front office staff Catherine and Ben are so friendly and efficient. Tina Fortier is an excellent diagnostician. Although I came to the practice late into my discomfort Tina was quick to rule things out. I quickly learned the techniques to best help my pain. You are treated and released. They don’t believe in prolonged care if its not necessary but will give you the option to continue visits if you feel you need them. Highly recommend Bodies In Balance Hampstead. Thank you. "
Jun 09, 2020
"I hurt myself a lot. When I do I head to Bodies in Balance and they get my pain out and get me back to my active self. Everyone is so nice and the place is very clean. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I highly recommend them! Beth and Polly are awesome!"
May 26, 2020
"I wish I could give Michelle 100 stars, as she is remarkable in every way. She is so talented and caring, so energetic and personable. More than once she has eliminated my pain so I could return to the tennis court. Once, while treating my back pain, she noticed I was having balance problems. She diagnosed an issure with the crystals in my inner ear and solved the problem on the spot. As far as I am concerned Michelle and B in B are the gold standard."
Apr 29, 2020
"I am a doctor with chronic pain due to overuse injuries and surgeries of my arms. I also have chronic migraine headache. I have been to multiple Physical Therapy practices over the years, including two in Wilmington, NC. After my last elbow surgery in September 2019 I was not very happy with the progress I was making in PT and I was in a lot of pain. Then a friend of mine recommended "Bodies in Balance" and this made all the difference in the world! My Physical Therapist in "Bodies in Balance" was Ryan McCarty and I could not have wished for a better one! Ryan was not only very knowledgeable but he spent also a great deal of time educating me about the nature of chronic pain, increased my understanding about the pathophysiology of pain, and helped me change my perception of pain and my overall perspective. This was an unique approach that I have never encountered before! I was also impressed that he worked only with me during my visits giving me his undivided attention. The physical exercises he recommended were very individualized and tailored to my specific conditions. I was always sent home with "homework" and detailed instructions. It was very helpful that he set small and specific goals that were realistic and achievable. He followed closely my progress and adjusted my exercises accordingly when necessary. He was patient, helpful, encouraging and kind. He possesses this unique combination of professionalism and friendliness that makes working with him a real pleasure! I would recommend Ryan without any reservation to anybody in need, including to my family and friends. Thank you, Ryan!"
Apr 03, 2020
"Kudos to BIB. They provide excellent customer support. I am enrolled in the Live Well program after my initial treatment and recommend it to anyone. In addition, they told me this morning that if I needed anything during this pandemic to call them. Above and beyond the call"
Mar 19, 2020
"Great personal service. They know the body cause and affect and work with you one on one. Great experience huge help"
Mar 02, 2020
"I have had to go to physical therapy (PT) on several occasions in the past for different ailments and was not impressed with the results or lack thereof from any of the sessions. I had different therapists each time I went and never knew who would be helping me - was it going to be the therapist or the tech. Nothing was explained as far as what the plan for success was going to be. Last year when I started having balance issues and pain in my shoulder, my doctors recommended PT. Based on past experiences, I was not enthused and put no faith in the process. Somehow I ended up with Bodies in Balance and all of my past notions evaporated. From the time I was contacted by Madison Hayes, the PT tech, I had the feeling this was going to be a very different experience. Her friendly attitude quickly put to rest any anxiety I felt. Then I was assigned to Tina Fortier, the physical therapist. She is friendly and very knowledgeable of her trade. She took the time to sit with me to determine what my issues were. She then discussed the plan she had in mind as to how she could help me with the issues I was having. She worked with me the whole time and made notes as opposed to what I had experienced in the past. She too was very friendly; however, she was also very serious about how I was doing different things to ensure I got the results I needed. Wow what a different experience. I have just been released and upon my release I left with instructions on what I had to do to continue my progress and alleviate further issues. I would not hesitate to recommend Bodies in Balance to anyone who needs PT. The staff is very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. They are awesome."
Jan 19, 2020
"Bodies in Balance is a 5 star wellness and PT facility! This is my 2nd series within 10 years. All of the staff are very courteous, helpful and professional. BIB is what stellar healthcare should look like. I’m currently seeing Jeremy for plantar fasciitis in foot and his plan/recommendations have helped me in making tremendous progress! I highly recommend BIB for your wellness and therapeutic needs! "
Jan 17, 2020
"I have been coming to Bodies in Balance for over a year on and off for physical therapy and have worked with a few of the therapists there, all of which have been amazing. Michelle was so attentive to my needs and really worked to find the best regimen for my specific problems. She was focused not only on my current issues but on what I could do to make sure they don’t return in the future. I recommend that those looking for a physical therapist come to bodies in balance! They are all top notch and will make sure you are taken care of in the best way possible. So thankful for all of their help! "
Dec 19, 2019
"I am so thankful for Bodies in Balance and specifically Ryan. My husband who was a PT patient and loved it also mentioned the chronic pain I've been in during a session and Ryan told him they thought they could help me as well. We'll I've been going for 4 weeks now and am thoroughly amazed at the progress I've made. I'm a former nurse and been disabled now for 12 years and had very limited mobility. I couldn't stand for more than 5 minutes without my pain racheting up and walking and using my arms as in cooking or crafting was pretty much the same. My first few visits I learned the science behind Chronic pain and a few simple stretching exercises. Fast forward to this past weekend and I HIKED 1.2miles and descended/ascended 150+ steps to a waterfall at Stone Mountain NC. After about the first 20 minutes I suddenly realized my back wasn't screaming in pain and no strong spasms in my back! To my great surprise it didn't throw me into a major flare up of my Psoriatic arthritis or fibromyalgia either which would have been my norm. I know that I will have rough days from time to time but now I know how to counter some of it. I am looking forward to the rest of my therapy and joining my husband in the Wellness program. Thank you Ryan, Tina and the rest of the Hampstead crew."
Oct 25, 2019
"Julianne is AMAZING!!! She is the best physical therapist I have ever worked with. She sets great goals, monitors me carefully so I do exercises correctly and ensures I don’t injure myself, and she is constantly tweaking my program to help me improve with each visit!! I am very thankful for Julianne!!!"
Oct 10, 2019
"I fell down the back steps of our deck at Wrightsville Beach and fractured my T2 vertebrae three years ago. I grew tired of relying on prescription meds to manage my pain day to day. After visiting a local neurosurgeon and not qualifying for surgery they recommended physical therapy and specifically “Bodies in Balance.” The therapists there are fantastic. Julienne taught me exercises to strengthen the muscles that support the thoracic region of my back and put together an exercise plan that I can continue to do at home for years to come. Amazing results and no more opioids!!! Thank you the entire staff!!!"
Oct 07, 2019
"Sally Foster helped me with my post-cancer lymphedema and changed my life from uncomfortable and fearful to freedom from the stigma of wearing a compression garment. She and the staff at BiB moved me from being a victim and patient to being a survivor with a story to share. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Sally, Beth, and the wonderful interns who encouraged me all the way. I will work with you for the rest of my life."
Sep 13, 2019
"I got rear ended in a bad car accident this july 2019. I looked all over of a PT, none of them were suitable until i called Bodies in Balance. They were so polite on the phone, so much information in great detail. very welcoming on the phone. i made appointment without hesitation right away for my 3rd grade post concussion treatment, neck treatment, and body treatment. i have severe headaches every single day all day long, and i look forward to my BiBPT with Karen & Beth. They are The Best of the Best and if you can not get them, the rest of the Gang is great also. the days i work with them, my headaches are gone, so this therapy works, my muscle spasms are gone for the 24 hours. i do their exercises at home, but it is still not the same with working them or at either place On Oleander Or in Hampstead offices. I highly, and I mean, I highly recommend this place, they do not take my insurance, and let me tell you it is well worth my out of pocket expenses. And i will continue to go ask me again in 3 months, i will be here still. NAL "
Sep 10, 2019
"Throughout my experience at Bodies in Balance, I have found the facility to be excellent in terms of equipment and space. The staff (every person I encountered) was friendly, professional, and appeared dedicated to the recovery of the patients. In addition to assisting me with beneficial exercises, my therapist was quite knowledgeable. I have improved and I feel this is the result of my experience at Bodies in Balance."
Aug 29, 2019

I was impressed with Ryan’s knowledge. Both he and Madison made a great first impression. Madison has been very helpful and kind each time that I have had to contact the facility. I also feel that I can benefit from the physical therapy sessions and the techniques that Ryan can teach me.

Robyn performs her job with care and gives complete and understandable directions for how to do the activity she is prescribing to help with your problem.

Christine Branco is clearly the most important reason for my score (10/10). She looks at all of the issues going on in my body and treats me accordingly. Christine is caring, kind, professional and extremely qualified. She is a tremendous asset to Bodies in Balance. I hope to return later this year… Thank you.

I really liked Tina, very knowledgeable, through and helpful. May be the best therapist I have ever had. Receptionist was friendly and polite. I was rescheduled for follow up visits quickly.

Personalized attention and attention to detail. Staff is very professional and friendly.

Spencer H. is an excellent physical therapist. .very thoughtful and considerate of my concerns and gives me what seems to be exercises tailored to my needs. Facility is well organized and friendly!

Ben’s obvious knowledge of my imbalance problem & his ability to thoroughly & clearly explain my evaluation and instructions for its anticipated correction.

Everyone at Bodies is Balance was very knowledgeable, kind, and accommodating. They helped us so much- I would definitely recommend!!

Kind encouragement to keep on keeping on moving! Thanks for being there to get me back to the hiking trails.

I have found Bodies in Balance to be on top of their game. I have been to other PT’s in Wilmington and they have proved to be the best. Even my Neurosurgeon said he agreed with me on my choice. Great staff and they are all very friendly and helpful.

“During the past 5 years I have used Bodies In Balance in Wilmington, NC for physical therapy and physical training to treat 3 different medical issues including damage to the ulnar nerve in my right arm/hand and postoperative recovery issues from a microdiscectomy between L3 & 4. I have received physical therapy from several PT practices, and Bodies in Balance surpasses all others by leaps and bounds. Everything about “B in B” is 5***** stars starting with the two owners who both hold PT doctorates and are on the floor every day administering treatment along with other members of their staff. The facilities are state of the art and offer a wide range of equipment, devices and treatment rooms necessary to provide the best care possible. I never understood or appreciated the importance of physical therapy until I needed it. Bodies in Balance is the answer.”

– B. Westfall

“I suffered a vestibular condition this June and requested PT from my ENT. Beth and Michelle were my lifeline for dealing with this debilitation, and after many visits to specialists and the Duke Vestibular Disorders Clinic, all the doctors concurred with the feedback given to me at Bodies in Balance. They even gave me contact info for the PT specialist at Duke. Everyone I encountered at Bodies in Balance during my treatment was encouraging and caring. We are so lucky to have this team here in Wilmington! Thanks so much Bodies in Balance!”

– J. Reeves

“Spencer, Kari and the rest of the crew are awesome 🙂 Not only am I up and moving, I am nearing an almost pain free existence with their help! Bodies in Balance is a top-notch facility, from the office staff (Whom will not let you miss or forget an appointment) to their automated text and email reminders, and last but not least, their knowledgeable, caring and talented therapists. I feel welcome and at home upon my arrival at every visit, and I’m greeted by name. In this day and age that’s something to be said. Kudos guys and gals, keep up the great work!”

– E.Hanson

“Super nice staff and very attentive to your needs. They are very thorough in asking questions about your symptoms, pain, etc. and they really seem to genuinely care. I actually FELT like a patient they desire to help and not just a number to fill an empty slot in schedule.”

– B. Howey

“I have been in therapy for a month. What an improvement that I never thought I’d see! Scored 56 on a machine 2 weeks ago – today scored a 72! Yea!! Everyone is so helpful and excellent in what they do!! I would recommend this facility for sure!! Wish I didn’t have to stop!”

– L. Myrick

“What a great place to do hard work on recovering mobility and balance. Michelle, Beth, and Sally are all great to work with:knowledgable, enthusiastic, encouraging, and kind. All of the PTs there are up to date on research and techniques and very experienced in selecting exercises to build mobility, strength, balance, and coordination. Everyone knows you by name and are very friendly and helpful. Looking forward to getting into the Living Well Program.”

– C. Hine

“Physical therapists usually know your needs are short term and treat you with a lack of caring and true interest. The staff at Bodies in Balance is totally different! They really take your problem to heart and are more highly trained. They are constantly recommended by doctors who realize the attitude and skill difference and I’m a repeat client for these reasons. They’re very special!”

– K. Pepper

“Bodies in Balance provides excellent treatment and professional services. I really appreciate their ability and willingness to take the time to explain what, why and how they are treating your particular problem and simultaneously consider your whole physical condition and circumstances. They have a great team style that is seamless.”

– J. Alessandro