Smart Balance Master

Smart Balance Master | Wilmington NC

The SMART Balance Master® offers a safe environment for testing and exercising under various conditions.

  • Sensory Organization Test (SOT) or Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP) – this test measures how a person uses his lower extremities, the visual input and the inner ear equilibrium systems to maintain his balance. It does this while measuring weight shifts while moving the platform and/or surrounding walls.
  • Limits of Stability – Measures a person’s ability to shift his weight in 8 various directions, and compares his performance to norms for the individual’s age.

The Balance Master’s interactive technology and clinically proven protocols allow the clinician to objectively and systematically assess sensory and voluntary motor components of balance control. The objective data helps the clinician accurately identify underlying impairments for more effective treatment. Therapists then use carry over balance activities from the Balance Master to other clinical challenges.