PWR!Moves™ Exercise Class


During COVID-19, and our need for social distancing, we are no longer able to provide onsite wellness services including our PWR! Parkinson classes. We are providing on-line classes and have reduced the fee! If you are interested in one of our on-line classes please contact our office, 910.398.6301. Please note there are specific guidelines to qualify for the class to assure the safety for all participants.

We regret any challenges or inconveniences these changes may have caused, but these adjustments are important to promote the health, safety and well being of our patients, staff and community. STAY SAFE!


Bodies in Balance provides hour long exercise classes that is specifically targeted to individuals living with Parkinson’s disease. This class follows the PWR! Program whose mission statement is “to develop and implement worldwide access to cutting edge Parkinson disease-specific neuroplasticity-principled exercise programs that hold promise to slow disease progression, improve symptoms, restore function, and increase longevity and quality of life.”

Classes led by physical therapists who have completed PWR! Parkinson’s certification. We provide this class with belief (backed by evidence based research) that exercise is medicine for individuals living with Parkinson’s disease and has the potential to slow your Parkinson’s progression. Classes address many areas of improving fitness: strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and cardiovascular functioning. Movements in class aid in facilitating neural protection, guiding brain health, and repair. Participants of the PWR!Moves course can expect to move, sweat, laugh, and move their bodies!

Requirements for entry include: A physical therapy assessment to screen for safety, physical limitations, and health risks. Participants then attend approximately 1-3 additional physical therapy sessions to learn the basic PWR! Program moves so that they may jump right into classes ready to go. We offer both Level 1 and Level 2 for varied abilities.

10 Classes


20 Classes