Bodies in Balance Live Well Medical Wellness offers an expansive gym facility with specialized equipment that will challenge and advance each client in the areas of strength, cardiovascular, balance, and flexibility.

We offer a positive, interactive, exercise environment that includes dynamic equipment such Power Tower, Core Align, and suspension training. Our facility allows for both lower level clients and advanced athletes to obtain an appropriate, progressive & challenging work out.

Participants may join Live Well by:
  • Having been a previous patient of Bodies in Balance PT and having been instructed in a specific Live Well program by a therapist. A client may obtain a physical therapy referral (i.e., core weakness, knee pain) if appropriate to cover for introductory sessions.
  • Through direct entry which includes 3 entry sessions (one physical therapy wellness evaluation followed by two personal training sessions to further develop and instruct the client in a wellness regimen. The cost for direct entry is $175

Monthly Cost: $25/ month for all participants as well as pro-rated prices for patients who cannot do an entire month. This would give you access to all of our equipment within the facility and quality supervision from our own Bodies in Balance staff. ***There is no contract or registration fee to join Live Well***

Our Goal is provide an exercise environment that clients will be safe while advancing in their fitness so they may LIVE LIFE WELL.

Contact Bodies in Balance Physical Therapy for any questions about the Live Well Medical Wellness program at (910) 398-6301.