Tracey Anateaou, LMBT

Massage Therapist

Tracey knew massage was the direction I needed to go based on conversations with friends and family that she had worked on and they had all said, "You would make a great massage therapist." She has a licensed massage therapist and found that her education from Miller Motte College was priceless! She valued classes in Anatomy/Physiology, Somatics, Sports Medicine, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release and so much more although her favorite was Therapeutics. Therapeutics focuses on helping an individual get back to a normal life.

She finds the most important part of the session besides the hands on is the intake. She prides herself in talking to patient individually about what causes their pain, how it began, what makes it worse or better, and lastly what is the INDIVIDUAL'S goal for the massage session. Every person and every session is a new challenge that she accepts because her intentions are to heal.

Prior to massage, Tracey was a Human Resource Manager for six years with Home Depot and an Operations Manager with FedEx for ten years. Working with people is in her blood. She is grateful for the opportunity to help you achieve the best quality of life as I will always put her heart into every session.