During the past 5 years I have used Bodies In Balance in Wilmington, NC for physical therapy and physical training to treat 3 different medical issues including damage to the ulnar nerve in my right arm/hand and postoperative recovery issues from a microdiscectomy between L3 & 4. I have received physical therapy from several PT practices, and Bodies in Balance surpasses all others by leaps and bounds. Everything about “B in B” is 5***** stars starting with the two owners who both hold PT doctorates and are on the floor every day administering treatment along with other members of their staff. The facilities are state of the art and offer a wide range of equipment, devices and treatment rooms necessary to provide the best care possible. I never understood or appreciated the importance of physical therapy until I needed it. Bodies in Balance is the answer.

– B. Westfall

I suffered a vestibular condition this June and requested PT from my ENT. Beth and Michelle were my lifeline for dealing with this debilitation, and after many visits to specialists and the Duke Vestibular Disorders Clinic, all the doctors concurred with the feedback given to me at Bodies in Balance. They even gave me contact info for the PT specialist at Duke. Everyone I encountered at Bodies in Balance during my treatment was encouraging and caring. We are so lucky to have this team here in Wilmington! Thanks so much Bodies in Balance!

– J. Reeves

Spencer, Kari and the rest of the crew are awesome 🙂 Not only am I up and moving, I am nearing an almost pain free existence with their help! Bodies in Balance is a top-notch facility, from the office staff (Whom will not let you miss or forget an appointment) to their automated text and email reminders, and last but not least, their knowledgeable, caring and talented therapists. I feel welcome and at home upon my arrival at every visit, and I’m greeted by name. In this day and age that’s something to be said. Kudos guys and gals, keep up the great work!

– E.Hanson

Super nice staff and very attentive to your needs. They are very thorough in asking questions about your symptoms, pain, etc. and they really seem to genuinely care. I actually FELT like a patient they desire to help and not just a number to fill an empty slot in schedule.

– B. Howey

I have been in therapy for a month. What an improvement that I never thought I’d see! Scored 56 on a machine 2 weeks ago – today scored a 72! Yea!! Everyone is so helpful and excellent in what they do!! I would recommend this facility for sure!! Wish I didn’t have to stop!

– L. Myrick

What a great place to do hard work on recovering mobility and balance. Michelle, Beth, and Sally are all great to work with:knowledgable, enthusiastic, encouraging, and kind. All of the PTs there are up to date on research and techniques and very experienced in selecting exercises to build mobility, strength, balance, and coordination. Everyone knows you by name and are very friendly and helpful. Looking forward to getting into the Living Well Program.

– C. Hine

Physical therapists usually know your needs are short term and treat you with a lack of caring and true interest. The staff at Bodies in Balance is totally different! They really take your problem to heart and are more highly trained. They are constantly recommended by doctors who realize the attitude and skill difference and I’m a repeat client for these reasons. They’re very special!

– K. Pepper

Bodies in Balance provides excellent treatment and professional services. I really appreciate their ability and willingness to take the time to explain what, why and how they are treating your particular problem and simultaneously consider your whole physical condition and circumstances. They have a great team style that is seamless.

– J. Alessandro